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Meet Illini who travel the world in service to humankind, and help communities prosper and thrive. Who dive deep into the oceans and set their sights on the moon. These individual stories compose our collective one.


Our storytelling shows a fresh side of Illinois, one where different viewpoints and perspectives teach us something new every day. Unafraid to push boundaries, Illini embrace change and innovation.


At the core of the Illinois experience is compassion and strength. Our stories acknowledge and show gratitude for Illini voices and experiences—whether on campus or around the world.

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Updated November 9, 2023

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History will record the grief the coronavirus pandemic has caused. One day we will look back at the enormous loss and our complicated response, as well as the joyful and hopeful moments when we came together with compassion. Over centuries, other pandemics have swept across the globe and changed our lives forever. These stories take us back.


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