Pandemics and fear

Historians and anthropologists see parallels between past outbreaks and today’s crisis.

The Art of Research

Not only are the results of our research powerful…they are beautiful.

Pinball wizard

Zach Sharpe is one of pinball’s most celebrated players. He now lends his expertise to one of the world’s largest pinball manufacturers in the world, Chicago-based Stern Pinball.

A beautiful legacy

Philanthropist Robert Allerton traveled the world, immersing himself in the art of different cultures. His generous spirit enriched Chicago’s Art Institute as well as Illinois’ Allerton Park & Retreat Center.

A lifetime in letters

Chicago legend Roger Ebert shared a deep friendship and long correspondence with his mentor and friend, Illinois English professor Dan Curley.

Farming in the Windy City

From rooftops to abandoned lots, urban gardening in Chicago is thriving.