Help us solve the mystery!

Keep a lookout for the first Illinois class gift, given by the class of 1872.

We are on the hunt for a missing piece of the university’s first class gift: a medallion that says “Class of 1872.” This medallion was part of the keystone above the entrance to old University Hall, which was torn down in 1938. Part of that entryway now makes up the iconic Hallene Gateway on campus. We’ve checked out the stone that encased the medallion, which is tucked away in storage, but the medallion itself is missing. Based on our measurements, the medallion would be about 22 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 2.5 inches deep. We’ve searched the archives and tracked its journey from its dedication to the building’s demolition to storage at Allerton to…?

Class of 1872 Keystone

Over the decades numerous folks on campus have tried to locate this class gift. Help us find it! Is it in someone’s office? A storage closet? On a dusty shelf? Even displayed somewhere that we aren’t aware of?

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